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The CI-IWHDMON delivers monitor quality high-resolution sound, with the room filling power of a traditional LCR.

Now you can have you cake and eat it too!!

The CI-IWHDMON is a state-of-the-art in-wall speaker system providing upscale performance and exceptional room filling intelligibility at low distortion levels. At the heart of its design are (2) cast frame 7” Norwegian Reed Cone (reed material is actually embedded into a highly damped fiber cone) woofers with extremely high stiffness exhibiting fast decay and damping. Stiffness provides leading edge accuracy, while damping provides clarity. Music has a more “being there” experience. This advanced cone assembly, acting as “pure piston” up to 2 kHz, is driven by a focused field, high magnetic flux, magnet/motor system with embedded internal shorting rings to minimize distortion. These shorting rings act as a governor to optimize and control the “in-and-out” movement of the cone assembly, while also providing a dynamic heat sink. This means the CI-IWHDMON exhibits high-power, wide dynamic range, lifelike – loud SPL capability and minimal compression.

A ¾” thick MDF driver mount baffle is internally affixed to a computer mapped system of rigid circumferential braces. The remaining five panels (sides, t-b, and rear) are a complex arrangement of interlocking rigid materials with varying acoustic properties that complement each other. This synergized enclosure network reduces resonance rendering the cabinet/enclosure itself essentially inert (i.e. the enclosure doesn’t “move”).

A minimum phase optimized crossover is matched to a 1” pure Scandinavian silk dome tweeter, with an aperiodic (highly damped) rear chamber, for seamless integration and matchless purity in the upper midrange and high frequencies.

****Now offering bezel-less Infinity grilles

System Design Two-Way Reference grade in-wall LCR
Enclosure Sealed
Woofer (2) 7 ” Reed cone
Tweeter (1) 1″ Silk dome
Recommended Amp Power 50-400 W
Frequency Response 55 Hz – 20 kHz
Anechoic Frequency Response 55 Hz – 20 kHz  +- 2 db
Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity (db 1 watt/1 meter) 90
Hole Cut Out 13” x 29’ x 5″d
Overall Size 14” x 30”
Standard Finish Satin Black
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