The Classic White screen is designed to provide maximum resolution, sharpness and color accuracy to a projection setup. Being one of the only screens with a texture-free surface, the screen will faithfully reproduce exactly what is projected on it, with perfect pixel geometry and zero pixel degradation. Combining the highest standards in color accuracy in a flat and texture-free surface, you will see the projected content exactly as the director intended, with the screen material being completely invisible to the viewer. The screen surface provides maximum sharpness for 1080p, 4K as well as eventual 8K projectors, making this the ideal screen purchase for both today and for the future.


Features include:

  • Superior color accuracy performance 
  • Texture-free screen surface allows for complete invisibility of the screen material
  • Zero graininess and hot spotting
  • Perfect pixel geometry
  • 4″ velour-covered aluminum frame
  • Wide viewing angle

Warranty Advantage

  • 1 year full manufactures warranty that covers materials and parts
  • The purchaser has 15 days from receipt of the chair to raise any warranty claims that include free shipping to and from the repair facility
  • Any warranty claims raised after the first 15 days will require the purchaser to cover the cost of shipping to our repair facility in Lewiston, NY
  • Any return shipping costs will be fully covered by Next Level Acoustics
  • Please provide a copy of your paid sales receipt, photographs and a detailed description of the issue to your Next Level Acoustics authorized dealer or sales rep