The Elite Series is our flagship soundbar enclosure providing the perfect balance between aesthetics and integration when nothing less is acceptable.


  • Open Back – 6.4” h x 3.95” d x custom length
  • Closed Back – 6.4” h x 4.45” d x custom length

Features include:

  • Piano black high-gloss standard finish (additional colors, finishes, veneers and stains available)
  • Sizes from 48” up to 76” available standard (additional sizes upon request)
  • Tapered seamless ends to mimic the side profile of todays displays
  • Interior side reflectors focus periphery sound to the front listening position improving intelligibility
  • Rigid cavity construction increases midbass performance
  • Open top panel, with inset grilles, provides the necessary high-frequency “breathing room” to match the Sonos® Playbar®
  • Removable magnetic grille is partially inset for additional structural integrity
  • Specialty Sony, Samsung and LG grilles with IR drop down badge notches are available
  • Mesh weave on the front facing grille allows for full IR passthrough
  • MDF and Baltic Birch construction
  • Rounded top notch for easy cable access and management
  • Easy installation with only four screws to fit any stud placement location
  • Additional heights and depths available to fit most third-party soundbars