The Fusion LCR-M modular system, consisting of individual Left, Center and Right channel modules, offers an upgraded alternative to our all-in-one Fusion LCR soundbar. Dedicated sound modules produce an expanded sound stage and midbass passband response. In addition, the Center module provides enhanced far field radiated power and clarity.

The LCR-M provides several configurations and features:

  • LCR modules (WTW) / LCR modules (LR – WTW) – (C – WWTWW)
    • The Left, Center and Right modules are constructed to optically balance out the display
    • The Left, Center and Right modules are constructed to the exact height and width of the display
    • The Center module is constructed to the exact width of the display, while the Left and Right modules mount flush to the top of the TV, but extend past the bottom of the display, terminating flush to the bottom of the center module. This creates a three-sided picture-frame effect
  • Displays up to 65″ will use our 3.3″ driver, while larger diplays will step-up to the 4.5″ drivers
  • Custom colors, sizes and finishes available upon request

New Product Alert!!

The design team at Next Level Acoustics has developed the new Fusion Cinema Trio speaker system providing all of the benefits of the LCR-M at stock sizes for quick delivery.


WTW Configuration


1″ Vifa™ BC Neodymium Silk Dome


Cast Frame Vifa™ 3.3″ / 4.5″


High-gloss piano black finish

Fusion LCR-M
System Type and Configuration (1) Module WTW / WWTWW
Woofers (6) D Series  3.3″/4.5″
Tweeters 1″ Vifa BC Neodymium Silk Dome  /

1″ DX Tweeter (4.5″ driver center channel only)

Sensitivity 88 dB (3.3″)

89 dB (4.5″)

Impedance 4 ohms each sector with proprietary amplifier friendly IOSB technology
Response 80 Hz – 20 kHz +- 2 dB (3.3″)

68 Hz – 20 kHz +- 2 dB (4.5″)

Power- Min/Max – RMS 20-200 W (LR/C 3.3″)

20-300 W (LR/C 4.5″)

Dimensions 3.3″ 4.5″ h x 2.5″ d x custom″ w
Dimensions 4.5″ 5″ h x 3″ d x custom″w


1. Please keep your boxes and inner packaging materials. In the event that your speakers need to be serviced at the factory it is essential they are returned in their original packaging.

2. If wall mounting the LCR-M, install rubber bumpers and Z Clips. Z Clips mount “tab down” (screws on the top) and “tab up” (screws on the bottom) on the wall. Do not mount the Z Clips where the non-safe zones are indicated on the back of the unit.

3. Install hookup wires. Observe polarity to and from the receiver amplifier to the speaker. (+) Side of speaker must connect to the (+) side of the amplifier. I.e. red to + and black to (-).

Break-in normally takes about 12 hours of playing. In this 12 hours the crossover capacitors and drive units are breaking in.

Please do not play at excessive power levels – Over-driving the speaker system can result in permanent damage. Always turn down the volume when changing between program sources.