What happens when you combine the audio properties of our CI Series speakers with the aesthetics of our Elite Cases, wrapped in the form factor of our Fusion line?  


You get one of the most Exquisite and Sophisticated Reference quality home theater soundbar experiences the industry has ever seen.


The Fusion Reference Soundbar (“FRS”) is our flagship 3-channel on-wall bar speaker system intended for 75″ or larger televisions. Designed for ultra-high resolution clarity, dialogue intelligibility and lifelike soundstage, the FRS is comparable to Reference grade floor standing towers and in-wall speaker systems that also include a dedicated center channel. Three large speaker cabinets are replaced by a single, elegant, soundbar format with beautifully sculpted ends and finishes, custom fabricated to precisely fit within the form factor of your existing television.

Advanced Features include:

  • TWW, WTW, WWT Configuration
  • Six – 5.5″ Carbon Wool Drivers (CI-IW55 Drivers – Reviewed by CEPro)
  • Three – 1″ DYNA Silk Dome Tweeters (CI-IWHDMON Tweeters – Reviewed by CEPro)
  • British ESA Clarity Capacitors
  • Proprietary CI Series Sound Deadening Butyl Latex/Silica Coating
  • Elite Series Inspired Seamless Tapered Ends
  • High-Gloss Piano Black Post Forming Formica Finish (Additional Finishes Available)
  • 400mm / Choice of Placement (Dual Vertically Spaced Threaded Back Panel Mounting Inserts)
  • Additional Z-Clip Easy Mount System
  • Precision CNC Construction with 3/4″ Thick MDF Front Panel and Baltic Birch Back Panel
  • 66″ wide x 3.75″ deep x 6.3″ high (75″ TV Pairing)
  • Custom Widths and TV Badge Grille Notches Available
Fusion Reference Specs
System Type and Configuration (3) Sector LCR, Sealed, TWW, WTW, WWT
Woofers (6) 5.5″ Carbon Wool 
Tweeters (3) 1″ DYNA Silk Dome
Sensitivity 92 dB at 1 W- 1 M
Impedance 4 ohms each sector 
Response 44 Hz – 20 kHz
Power- Min/Max – RMS 30 – 350
Dimensions 66″ wide x 3.75″ deep x 6.3″ high

(custom widths available)

Product Weight 38 lbs
Fusion Reference PS Specs
System Type and Configuration (3) Sector LCR, Sealed, TWWPP, PWTWP, PPWWT
Woofers (6) 5.5″ Carbon Wool  (6) 5″ Tuned Passive Radiators
Tweeters (3) 1″ DYNA Silk Dome
Sensitivity 102 dB at 2 M
Impedance 4 ohms each sector 
Response 45 Hz – 20 kHz
Power- Min/Max – RMS 30 – 350
Dimensions 90″+ wide x 3.75″ deep x 6.3″ high

(custom widths available)

Product Weight Based on Size 
Product Sheet

1. Please keep your boxes and inner packaging materials. In the event that your speakers need to be serviced at the factory it is essential they are returned in their original packaging.

2. If wall mounting the LCR, install rubber bumpers and Z Clips. Z Clips mount “tab down” (screws on the top) and “tab up” (screws on the bottom) on the wall. Do not mount the Z Clips where the non-safe zones are indicated on the back of the unit.

3. Install hookup wires. Observe polarity to and from the receiver amplifier to the speaker. (+) Side of speaker must connect to the (+) side of the amplifier. I.e. red to + and black to (-).   Place either directly above or below TV screen. Listening position should be from 6 to 8 ft. away.

Break-in normally takes about 12 hours of playing. In this 12 hours the crossover capacitors and drive units are breaking in. Please do not play at excessive power levels. Over-driving the speaker system can result in permanent damage. Always turn down the volume when changing between program sources.

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