The FUSION SW8P 300 watt powered subwoofer has distinct advantages over other mainstream small format subwoofers.  Its speed and dynamics, coupled with very low harmonic distortion, place it among the very best in its class. Sonically, it’s a near perfect “blend” for our custom Fusion LCR, providing unparalleled performance with regard to fill and tonality. In addition, the Fusion SW8P exhibits outstanding performance when pairing with small to medium format speakers.

Features include:

  • Lower distortion due to very high magnetic flux, shorting rings and excellent mass balance. X max, peak to peak, is nearly 1″. In plain English, you can crank it without compromising its sound quality. The near complete lack of 2nd harmonic distortion (masking over tones) makes the SLS sound as if it goes significantly lower than its measured response to 35 Hz
  • Very high attack provides seamless coupling to bar speakers where standard subs do not “fill” properly. This is especially noticeable in male voices, dialogue and impact relating to explosions and dynamic events
  • True 300 W rms amp has a specially built EQ circuit to extend bass down below 35 Hz. Variable phase from 0-180 provides precise room tuning
  • Ultra rigid, 13 ply, Baltic Birch front baffle has extremely high Young’s Modulus (stiffness) and doesn’t flex. This is extremely important for woofer coupling to cabinet and increases far field efficiency by nearly 3 dB
  • Proprietary, hand built, butt joint cabinet, using high strength industrial glue optimizes edge to surface coupling and vibration transfer making it almost inert at low frequencies. In plain language, most subwoofer cabinets are V grooved and flex, ours does not

Preferred Settings:

  • Placement in front of listener:  Mid-wall – We generally recommend a number of trials before establishing best location
  • Level:  ½ way or 12 o’clock
  • Frequency Control (cut off):  10 o’clock
  • Preferred Phase setting: Can only be achieved by listening over a wide area of seating positions.  Start at “0” and gradually move the dial clockwise until integration with associated bar speaker is optimized
  • Break in:  Approximately 30 hours at moderate levels
Fusion SW8P / 300 Specs
System Design Sealed LF 8” Subwoofer- Ultra Low Distortion
Bass Unit Peerless SLS 8″ with shorting rings and sophisticated motor system
Response 35 Hz – 100 Hz
Amplifier 300 W RMS
Max SPL 114 dB at 2m
Room Size Up to 200 sq ft.
Finish High Gloss Black
Dimensions 11″ x 11″ x 11″
Shipping / Product Weight 22 lbs / 20 lbs
Product Sheet