The CI-HV18P is an extremely powerful passive subwoofer capable of thunderous output and gut wrenching impact. At a staggering 120 dB @ 6M max output, it’s capable of producing bass almost as loud as a 747 taking off at 300 yards away!

Key to its performance is a 2000 W RMS 18″, ultra-long throw, internal bass driver used in a sophisticated high-velocity tuned loading system. Two flared Aero Vents (1-6″ and 1-4″) produce extremely intense pressure waves that energize the surrounding room environment. Bass output rivals or surpasses that of subwoofers 3 to 4 times its size. Available in residential, commercial and outdoor application finishes, as well as a 500 W amplified version (CI-HV18).

CI-HV18P Specs
SYSTEM DESIGN Subwoofer, Dual Tuned Ports, Bandpass
DRIVER Proprietary Cast Frame, 120 oz. mag, 4″ VC 18″ with long throw
AMPLIFIER 50 – 2000 W RMS @ 6 ohms
FREQUENCY RESPONSE /  MAX SPL 17 Hz – 120 Hz / 120 dB @ 6M
DIMENSIONS 21.5” d x 20.5″w x 29″ h
WEIGHT 125 lbs
STANDARD FINISH Black Formica / Flat Black / Duratex Pro Finish
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