The Screenwriter features all of the comforts you would expect in a luxury home theater chair.


  • Top grain leather 9000
  • Wall-hugging design
  • Motorized seating position activation
  • LED cup holder with one-touch control activation
  • USB charging dock
  • Ambient base lighting
  • Hidden chair arm storage
  • Receptacle for optional tray
  • Quality wood and steel construction
  • Available in single arm, double arm, and armless (loveseat) versions
  • Width: 34″
  • Height: 42″
  • Depth: 32″
  • Full extended depth: 66″

Warranty Advantage

  • 1 year full manufactures warranty that covers parts, labor and motor
  • The purchaser has 15 days from receipt of the chair to raise any warranty claims that include free shipping to and from the repair facility
  • Any warranty claims raised after the first 15 days will require the purchaser to cover the cost of shipping to our repair facility in Lewiston, NY
  • Any return shipping costs will be fully covered by Next Level Acoustics
  • Please provide a copy of your paid sales receipt, photographs and a detailed description of the issue to your Next Level Acoustics authorized dealer or sales rep

Top Grain Leather 9000 

The Screenwriter uses Top Grain 9000 leather. This means that only top grain leather is used for seating surface and armrest. The leather is chosen from the top 20% of raw cow hide, as a very small portion can be used and classify as Grade 9000 leather. The end product is a leather that is more luxurious and more durable than the competition, as well as being extremely easy to maintain.

LED Cup Holders 

Illuminated cup holders, with touch-sensitive control technology, adorn each arm rest.  Control the built-in lighting with a simple touch of the finger.

Wall-Hugging Design

Wall-hugging design ensures that the seats can be placed very close to your wall, virtually eliminating any wasted placement space.

Seating Configurations

The Screenwriter offers multiple seating configurations, including a love seat option when pairing two armless chairs together.

Motorized Recline

The Screenwriter uses only the top synchronous motors for its motorized recline system. Meaning, the operation of the system is quiet, smooth and extremely reliable. The two buttons used for the recline system allow the user to achieve the perfect angle for any situation, with maximum comfort.

USB Charging

USB docking station to power your electronic devices.

Optional Neck Pillow

The optional neck pillow, made of Top Grain Leather 9000, gives your neck the support it needs in order to enjoy your home theater entertainment for hours on end without fatigue.  The ergonomic design and height adjustment features provides proper  head and neck support.

Armrest Storage w/ Tray Table Adapter

Every arm rest comes with a compartment to store your remotes and other small items, hidden way but always near you for quick use.  In addition, an option tray table adapter comes standard.

Optional Tray Table 

The convenience of being able to eat while you watch in absolute comfort.