Marc Cote is a well-sought after acoustical designer and audio system calibrator with an expertise in creating listening experiences in the home environment. He is available to calibrate your home theater, media room, two-channel listening room or distributed audio systems to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience from your investment.

“A methodical, manual calibration of a critical listening room using both acoustical measurements and a well-trained pair of ears will always produce better results than an auto-calibration algorithm.”

There are three elements of a listening environment that determine the sonic impression of the listening experience – the quality of the acoustics, the quality and proper placement of loudspeakers and subwoofers, and the calibration of those systems. If the listener can address all three elements that is always best. Unfortunately, the only element that everyone consistently recognizes the importance of is the loudspeaker design. Happily, more and more end-users and custom installers are understanding the value of acoustics, but I understand that acoustics cannot be optimized in every space. What I don’t understand is why so many end-users or their custom installers do not make every attempt to properly calibrate their audio systems. The difference in the final experience is usually night and day in contrast to what is typically an incremental cost to complete the calibration. Even better, proper calibration can typically improve the final experience regardless of the room acoustics or the cost of the audio system.